Daryl is a very reliable, punctual, and responsive professional writer. He is always easily contactable and responds in a timely manner, which is very important to me. Daryl always delivers his work on time and updates me on his progress from time to time. I enjoy working with Daryl and would definitely engage his services again in the future.

Puteri Wardatul Hayat Sabran | Vice President, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and former Manager, Stakeholder Management of Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU), Malaysia

I highly recommend Daryl to anyone who is looking to engage the services of a reliable and competent professional writer who is 100% committed to deliver quality content on time, all the time. His superb eye for detail, editorial instincts, and flexibility never fail to impress me!

Evelyn Kow | Communications Manager, World Scout Bureau Global Support Centre, Malaysia

Excellent work, thank you! Was a pleasure to work with, submitted high-quality translation work, was communicative and met all deadlines. Highly recommended.

Maureen Stimola | Alan Park Education Company, San Francisco, United States

Received quality work before time. I enjoyed working with Daryl and will have additional jobs for him in the future.

Divya Patel | TiVo, Mountain View, United States

It was so nice knowing Daryl, as a dedicated person in his job as a writer, and also as a friend. I believe he will have a good prospect with all the knowledge and experience that he has gained while with us.   

Dato' Mohmed Razip Hasan | Deputy Director General (Promotion), Tourism Malaysia

It was a joy to have Daryl as one of the team players, the slender, youthful looking, obliging, dedicated, and reliable guy who never failed to deliver even though pressure "cooked" to the max!

Datin Dalilah Ahmad | Former Deputy Director General, Tourism Malaysia

Daryl was a great colleague. Even though by nature he was quite quiet, he always rose to the occasion. Always there when you need him, and he always gave good quality work.

Dato' Haji Azizan Noordin | Former Deputy Director General (Promotion), Tourism Malaysia

I believe that Tourism Malaysia has lost a resourceful and dedicated staff. The desk that Daryl has vacated will not be easily filled with someone of the same calibre and with the same writing skills. I know because we have worked together and any piece of important writing from me would not have been sent out without being edited by him or his team.

Wan Zawawi Mohamed | Former Director of Communications & Publicity Division, Tourism Malaysia

Daryl is a very dedicated editor and forever full of ideas and very enthusiastic about his job. Always putting up the best solution, speeches and ideas forward for the benefits of the organisation. His writing is meticulous and always meet deadlines. A fun-loving and caring person and always up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

Azizah Aziz | Former Director of Corporate Communication Division, Tourism Malaysia

Daryl and I worked together in the Editorial Unit for over 14 years and I can attest to his excellent work ethic, project management, and delivery of quality work. Besides his impeccable writing and attention to detail, he is also someone who is resourceful, helpful with ideas and solutions, and above all, dependable. Having him as a teammate on any project was greatly reassuring as it meant that the project was in good hands. He is definitely someone I would trust to work with especially on big and challenging projects. 

Anis Rozalina Ramli | Former Senior Editor of Corporate Communication Division, Tourism Malaysia

A person who speaks little but is reliable in producing quality and creative writing. A dedicated officer and great teammate!

Mazita Johari | Former Senior Editor and former Director of Communications Division, Tourism Malaysia

Throughout our 14 years as colleague in Tourism Malaysia, Daryl has always been very professional and dedicated in his work. He always deliver the best possible work and meeting deadlines is his life mantra. Daryl is also a good team player and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Shahrul Aman Sabir Ahmad | Acting Director & Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia Tokyo, Tourism Malaysia

Daryl is by far one of the best colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with. His uncompromising work ethic and professional standards are assets to his clients and employers. As Editor, he has led the team through many difficult situations. Like Apple (his favourite brand), his services don't come cheap - but you know you're paying for quality.

Khairie Apirin | Content Writer at Mindvalley and former Writer at Corporate Communication Division, Tourism Malaysia